Do you love to read? Do you enjoy Christian and/or sweet romance? How about angels? Miracles? Second chance and redemption stories? So do I...and those are the things I write about. 

I wonder if you'd be interested in joining my street team, Delia's Angel Band? Let's talk about it...

What's a street team?

An author's street team members do a variety of things to help "get the word out 'on the street'."  Let's face it...word of mouth is still the best advertising tool, and maybe especially in the reading world. We all find it much easier to part with the money for a new book if we've heard great things about it from others, right? While many members participate in every category available, others like to choose specific area(s) of participation. And that's fine, with one exception: all Angels are required to write and post a review for each book received. I do not require positive reviews, although that is (of course!) what I hope for. I do want honest reviews. That said, if an Angel's honest reviews are consistently negative, then I have to wonder why she/he is a part of Delia's Angel Band. Why on earth would anyone want to be a member of a street team for an author whose work they don't honestly like?

Categories include, but are not entirely limited to:

Reader/reviewer (mandatory): Simply read the free ARCs (Advanced Review Copies) I provide and review them on a public review site (preferably Amazon, but there are other acceptable places, if Amazon is a problem for you) within a specified period of time. (Pssst! Did you know that a review doesn't have to be more than a couple of sentences? It isn't necessary to rewrite the fact, we prefer you don't do that, as it's too easy to give away key points in the storyline that should not be revealed. Just provide a simple statement about what you liked about the book, how it made you feel.) Reviews can be posted to more than one online platform, and the more places you post it, the better. Members are asked to review new releases in particular, but it is much appreciated when they take the initiative to do the same with titles in my backlist. Promotion and marketing never stop, as long as a book is in print and on the market. One stipulation: When I see a pattern of a member receiving free books but not posting reviews, I will (prayerfully and with great reluctance) remove that member from the Band.

Buzz generator: Spread the word about upcoming releases and events by passing out bookmarks, posting memes to your social media accounts and/or blogs, and talking up the book to reader friends. Backlist books may also fall into this category during highlight months (where older titles are featured when no new releases are in the spotlight).

Beta reader: Quick turnaround proofreader for new releases. Also reviews the book on release day. Could be asked to proofread and return comments within a short period of time.

Other: Members ARE expected to subscribe to my newsletter, Brushing Wings. Much of my news hits the newsletter before anywhere else, and of course I want my Angels to be among the first to know everything that's going on in my writing world. (If they don't know, how can they talk about it?) They also are invited to join my Facebook group, Delia's Angel Band, where we chat and party and get to know each other...become a TEAM. I really love to see members getting involved in the group and sharing what they've done to let others know about the books. Who knows? YOUR idea might be the next big thing in the world of street teams!

What could you provide as an Angel Band member that isn't on this list? Volunteer to fill that role. Let's talk.

The #1 thing I expect from a street team member is that they REVIEW my books and POST those reviews to various websites where books are sold, reviewed, discussed, or otherwise brought into the eye of the public (Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub, Barnes & Noble, Pinterest, your personal blog if you have one, etc.).

So what's in it for you?

You'll get free electronic ARCs of my books. I will, now and then, run some kind of contest in which you might win a
signed, print copy.

  • You'll get your Angel wings! (This is a small gift I send new Angels -- something to wear as a reminder of who you are, and that will, perhaps, serve as a conversation piece, opening up opportunities for other to join the team.  (I'm so sorry, but packages will be sent only to members who reside in the United States. Exorbitant shipping costs prohibit international mailings.)

  • You’ll receive free bookmarks (for yourself and to share with others), and from time to time, other swag. (Again, as much as I would love to send these things outside the U.S., I cannot do so at this time.)

  • You'll have opportunities to offer an opinion on future story details and book covers. Sometimes I'll take a poll about a character's name, the title of a book, what each person would do in a given situation, etc. This is fun!

  • When an Angel goes above and beyond, I might even dedicate a book to that special Angel, or mention him/her in the acknowledgements of an upcoming book.

  • You’ll have access to a private Facebook group where I’ll post news about upcoming releases, and info for you to share on your social media networks. That's where we will chat about books, romance, angels, prayer requests, the ridiculous stuff we see online...whatever comes up, as long as its clean and edifying. NO politics, NO mean-spirited or rude remarks, NO sarcasm or snideness, NO offensive language. That type of post, along with the offender's membership, will be removed immediately.

  • I try to throw a couple of online parties for the team on the Facebook group or on Zoom each year. We play games, chat, win prizes...enjoy each other's company and HAVE FUN!

  • If you have a Facebook group or a blog and would like me to visit or give away one of my eBooks in a contest, etc., give me a holler. Chances are, I'll be able to accommodate.

Sound like fun? Want to give it a try?

Here's what I'll need from you:

  • If you haven't done so already, please read and review at least one of my books before you fill out the application. I can't imagine anyone being an effective, enthusiastic team member for any author if he/she doesn't know and love that author's writing style.

  • A commitment to share my new releases and event information with friends through word of mouth, distribution of marketing materials, and social media.

  • A commitment to post on social media at least (2) two photos of new book covers when you receive them. I will also send memes and other types of promotional material periodically, which I'll expect all team members to post.

  • A commitment to post a fair and honest book review on Amazon within 30 days of receiving each book. Reviews for new releases should be posted during the week of the book's release--preferably ON RELEASE DAY. (While Amazon is always the preferred posting site, reviews posted elsewhere are awesome and tremendously appreciated, as well.)

  • There will also be times when you'll be asked to post reviews in a shorter time period. I am currently re-releasing a number of books that have gone out of print, and I don't usually have a pre-order period on
    REbooks. I just get them ready and release them.

  • Subscription to my newsletter, Brushing Wings. Brushing Wings is one of my biggest promotional tools. Many times, newsletter subscribers are the first to hear special news and announcements. Of all my readers, team members should be the best-informed. Be sure you are by subscribing, so you'll see every announcement and update before the rest of the world is in the know.

  • A solemn promise NOT to share your free copies of my eBooks. They are meant for you and you alone. If you'd like to share the story with a friend, please purchase a copy and gift them that title. I appreciate your dedication to respecting the work I put into writing by not making it free to the general public.

Still in? Wonderful! Fill out the application and let's get started. 

Note: Obviously, not every applicant will be asked to join the team. I carefully choose those readers who are most enthusiastic, who are believers, and who I feel confident will add something positive to the group. I accept applications only during limited time periods. While I appreciate your interest, please understand that requests to join Delia's Angel Band are considered on a case-by-case basis.  

Come...join Delia's Angel Band!